The City Church has 2  locations!!
5050 Howard Ave Windsor ON
and 300 Clarke Road London ON

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The City Church Youth Flash Mob - Block Party Aug 5 2018

Under Construction - Pastor Kim Freeman April 5th 2018

Pastor Kim speaks at Girls In Pearls Ladies Luncheon Oct 28, 2017

Get Over It! June 24th 2017

If Your Situation Won't Change..You Must - Bishop Mel Freeman February 2017

You Don't Need A Miracle - Bishop Mel Freeman February 18 2017

Endurance is the Qualifier - Bishop Mel Freeman January 18th 2017

Snippet of Pastor Kim preaching in San Diego - City of Hope International Oct 30 2016

Bishop Mel Preaching in San Diego at The City of Hope International Oct 30 2016

It's Time To Clean House September 13th 2016

Haters are Indicators September 6th 2016

Say More by Saying Less Aug 17 2016

Show No Mercy Aug 16 2016

Abide in the Word Aug 15 2016

Live a Life of Integrity - Aug 13 2016

What Do You Expect? Aug 9 2016

Do It Afraid - July 19th 2016

Embrace Your Grace Place 7/7/16

Cast Your Cares

Fight For Your Mind